Professional Hypnotherapy

Clinical hypnotherapy uses hypnosis to facilitate change, and is a completely safe and natural holistic treatment of mind and body whereby through deep relaxation your powerful subconscious mind might be addressed by the therapist, and whilst in this more receptive state receive positive suggestions which will change old ideas and conditioning to fresh habits and new ways of thinking; like your computer comes with a default setting which can be reprogrammed, so your mind can similarly be 'rewired' in terms of altering internal belief patterns, and thereby helping you make the changes you desire. Hence, the therapist acts merely as your guide, whilst you yourself are empowered to make the changes and achieve your goals, which is the beauty and satisfaction of the treatment. Clinical hypnotherapy ought not to be confused with stage hypnosis, as you, the client, will be totally in control of your actions throughout each and every session you may attend. You determine your success by your motivation, receptiveness and willingness to co-operate in the hypnotherapy process.

Practical Uses Of Hypnotherapy

Health issues such as: Stress, Anxiety, Weight Control, Relaxation, Self Esteem, Insomnia, Smoking Cessation, etc.

Fears and phobias such as: Public Speaking, Test Anxiety, Stage Fright, Spiders, Snakes, Flying, etc.

Self-improvement goals such as: Stammer Cure, Positive Thinking, Motivation, Habit Changing, etc.

What A Hypnotherapy Session Entails

You will be invited to relax, while the therapist guides your conscious mind to a state of deeper relaxation, similar to daydreaming, a state which is induced by a variety of techniques including breathing awareness, muscular relaxation and visual imagery; as you focus on Rick's voice you will be guided to a state of deepening hypnosis, as your subconscious mind becomes re-educated with new and positive ideas, and suggestions of future patterning. At times you will listen silently to the presentation, others you will be invited to participate, such as by answering questions or responding to certain trigger stimuli. When the appropriate positive imagery and suggestions have been completed, you will be brought safely and gently back to a state of full awareness and consciousness. Most clients experience a sense of restfulness, relaxation and refreshment following a hypnotherapy session.

Cost Involved

Each 1 hour session of hypnotherapy costs 50, payable in advance of treatment in cash or by cheque accompanied by a banker's card.

Please note: a session for smoking cessation requires a 90-minute booking, costing 75.

Rick will always conscientiously and expertly make you aware ahead of any treatment how many sessions you are likely to require, and thence, the likely cost to you should you wish to proceed.